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Video: May Flo—WEr–K- 皐月練 

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May is over, rainy season is coming!

It is my next goal to find a job outside of Japan or in Hokkaido in June so that I don’t get affect by the rainy season.  I will find a good residency to focus on my work.  That will be beautiful 🙂
6月は北海道か海外で仕事したいっす。梅雨時期は苦手なんで… レジデンスとか探せたらいいな〜

In May, I worked hard on my acrobatic skills. I wanna be able to do few more tricks and after that, I will work on how to incorporate these movements into my dance.  Fun time!  So, please check out my moves of May!!! YAY!
五月はアクロをかなり頑張りました。6月中にいくつか技増やして、そこからはダンスにどう上手く繋げるかの作業に入ります。それが目標だったからね 🙂


Ma MaY Flo—WEr-K 皐月練

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