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Film: “Sekigahara”///『関ヶ原』見てきました!

I found time to go see “Sekigahara” last night. It was late night show, and it was great since there weren’t many people in the theater. I had my space and really indulge myself in the film. And I had hard time in this shooting but it was totally worth it.
Mitsunari was portrayed as an honest man, who had a vision of peaceful world. Not a typical Mitsunari image, which is more stubborn and annoying man. Also Ieyasu, who is a winner of the Sekigahara Battle, and an opponent of Mitsunari, is depicted as not only calculating but also charming. The relationship between Hatsune and Mistunari is subtle unlike many Japanese films and the scenery is beautiful. War scene is truly stunning and exciting.
Please find time to go see it at the theater. I am playing Hide Ukita, a vice admiral in the West Squad, same as Mitsunari.